Landscape Architecture Designer


Logan is a recent graduate of Penn State’s Landscape Architecture Program. Previously, Logan has worked as a park ranger and intern with the Maryland Park Service Office of Environmental Planning. Through his own experiences with nature and his background in Landscape Architecture, Logan’s career goal is to help make the wilderness accessible to all.


Bachelors of Landscape Architecture (2019) – The Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA
Minors: Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Management; Sustainability
Recipient of the Gerard A. Hauser Award (Grand Prize) in the 2018 Undergraduate Research Exhibition for his research in Cuba -- The Economic Utilization of Invasive Species to Improve the Select Health of Ecosystems in Cuba


Traveling, hiking, fishing, kayaking, wood working, gardening, camping, cooking, reading, running, drawing, writing

Fun Fact

As a self-proclaimed outdoorsman and ex-park ranger, Logan is terrified of bees, although he understands their critical role in our ecosystem.