Homewood House Baltimore, MD


Located in the Barclay Neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland, Homewood House is an elegant historic structure on several acres. Its restoration is one of the first steps in a multi-phase effort to revitalize this urban residential area. Bradley Site Design’s key objectives were to create a site design that honors the history and architecture of the building, reflects its larger context, and provides an engaging program for residents.

An initial Site Analysis revealed spaces that would offer both opportunities and obstacles. For example, a sunken, paved area along the west façade was dark and damp, but hinted at the possibility of a quiet courtyard retreat. Working with the building architects, we opened the exterior walls onto the space from the basement level, seamlessly extending indoor communal spaces to the adjacent outdoor area. Window openings were also restored to allow natural light into the basement and views out to the new courtyard garden. We designed a rain garden along one edge to ensure effective stormwater management within the space. Lush plantings, stone pavers and a rough-hewn stone fountain add color, texture and sound.

The new community garden area has been extremely popular. Old and new neighbors gather in the space not only to plant and harvest but also to enjoy neighborhood cook-outs, music events, or just a chat and a game of chess in the shade of the arbor. The gardens have created a renewed sense of stewardship.

Telesis Corporation

$4 million

Project Manager
Sharon Bradley

Community Engagement
Multiple meetings and presentations
Community garden events
Ongoing dialogue with resident groups and property managers