Brick Plaza Washington, DC


We believe every site has the opportunity to contribute to the environment and the community. With sensitive design, retail centers can be destination spaces and community hubs. They can feature valuable sustainable elements like shade trees, bioretention areas and native plantings.

At Brick Plaza in New Jersey, BSD worked with the developers to create a more vibrant shopping destination. A mews space, formerly a deserted area, was transformed into a lively gathering place. New eating establishments open out onto al fresco dining areas, while benches, public art, planting and water features provide pleasant places to congregate. The mews design was drawn out across a parking lot to tie two areas of the shopping center together. The path crosses a new pedestrian bridge over a stormwater channel, newly planted with lush native vegetation. The planting will attract indigenous wildlife, turning the bridge area into an educational opportunity. Benches and informational signs are designed into the corridor.

Other sustainable elements include a stormwater treatment train that runs the length of the mews and features bioretention facilities, tree boxes, a cistern and a fountain that re-uses rainwater.