English Woods Cincinnati, OH


For English Woods, a hilltop community in Cincinnati, Ohio, the development team created conceptual plans based on key components of a successful regeneration strategy:

  • Participatory planning and extensive community engagement
  • Partnerships with local groups and service providers
  • Strengthening connections and improving circulation (internal and links to surrounding neighborhoods)
  • Sustainable, beautiful design and construction
  • Site improvements that embrace and maximize the hillsides’ values
  • Improved access to amenities
  • Integrated, mixed-income development that leverages existing assets

The goal was to employ an inclusive process to transform English Woods into an equitable, sustainable neighborhood that provides high-quality residential options, while supporting the neighborhood with commercial and social service opportunities.

In addition to plans for built elements and open space amenities that provide increased access to daily needs, the team identified opportunities for partnerships with local groups that offer additional resources and opportunities from career and entrepreneurship training to programs for education, arts, nutrition and recreation.

Telesis Corporation

Project Manager
Bel St. John Day

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City Architecture Inc. (5)