Ducketts Lane Elementary School Elkridge, MD


The BSD design team has created a campus that serves as an educational experience much like the interior spaces. In order to accommodate a variety of learning styles across a broad curriculum, the team has incorporated a number of features designed to stimulate, inform, and inspire-- as well as beautify the school grounds.

The courtyards tucked among the classroom wings are settings for outdoor labs and learning spaces. The lab is a teaching tool: it follows the path of rainwater as it falls on a vegetated roof and trickles down a curtain of rain chains into a raised trough. The trough can be used for aquatic wildlife studies, a “touching pool” where students can handle species indigenous to the area’s waterways. An overflow lip allows the water to spill into a runnel, covered by a grate but audible as it makes its way to the bioretention area beyond.

Howard County Public School System


Project Manager
Sharon Bradley

Image Credit
Sam Kittner(3, 8)