Centennial Village Washington, DC


Centennial Village is a group of eight Catholic University dormitory buildings clustered around a central green space. This area had been unprogrammed and under-utilized. Bradley Site Design was engaged to provide design solutions to activate the space.

Design objectives included the creation of active recreation facilities, gathering areas, contemplative spaces, and pedestrian and vehicular circulation systems. The design had to accommodate a wide diversity of population volumes; from hectic move-in and move-out days or campus-wide events to quiet school days, the space needed to be pedestrian-scaled yet manage the occasional influx of vehicles.

The existing topography offered an opportunity to create an intimate amphitheater space featuring a soothing water feature. A plaza nearby provides a staging area for small-scale campus events like club registrations and dorm sign-ins, while the new basketball court is also the destination for an annual spring gala, concerts, and other large-scale gathering. Sleeves at the court’s edge allow for the erection of the school’s event tent.

BSD and the civil engineers collaborated to create a unique series of low impact development features. The site exceeds the stormwater retention requirements, with bioretention areas and pervious pavement systems over a field of rain tanks. Plant selections were predominantly native and based on year-round interest, with an emphasis on the school year itself.

The Catholic University of America


Project Manager
Bel St. John Day

Image Credit
George Brown