Our Studio

At any given time, you’ll find a handful of BSD staff gathered in collaboration. Every project begins with a lively brainstorming session so that each one benefits from the collective creativity and talents of the entire team. Our weekly meetings keep everyone apprised of project details, so while our clients work with a dedicated team from start to finish, the team can grow as needed to meet project demands. And while each member of the staff has excellent general skills, each person has a specific strength they can contribute.

Creativity is fed by stimulation and inspiration, and we stay energized by getting out of the office to take field trips, see different sights, and travel by boat, bus or train to experience something new. The destination might be a new museum, a great restaurant, an organic farm or a trip up the Potomac or the Anacostia River to see Washington DC from a different vantage point. We’re all driven individuals who can tend to immerse ourselves in work, so sometimes we close the office on a sunny day to go out and smell the roses (or whatever rejuvenates the soul).

We’re lifelong learners and we feed that inherent curiosity with ongoing research and education on sustainable practices, 21st century education concepts and urban issues. BSD staff can take time on a regular basis to dive more deeply into topics relevant to our work, and we’re compiling a collection of invaluable information from industry experts as well as our own team.