The Green at Parkside Washington, DC


Bradley Site Design created an award-winning space in the Parkside Community in northeast Washington, DC. While parts of this area of the city have been underserved, Parkside is undergoing a rebirth, with long-awaited development soon to break ground and substantial efforts underway to restore the natural environment along the nearby Anacostia River. The design objective was to create a centerpiece that will blend the built and natural environments and form a peaceful and nourishing destination.

The park has been designed as an urban oasis, but it will also function as a sustainable component of the larger watershed. BSD developed a series of low-impact development features, including lushly planted bioretenion areas and pervious pavements to reduce stormwater run-off volume and velocity. The team worked with a local sculptor on a central water feature designed to re-use stormwater.

City Interests, LLC


Project Manager
Sharon Bradley

Sculpture by Barton Rubenstein

Design For Impact

  • Job Training: 26 trainees acquired pervious pavement installation experience
  • Job Creation: 6 employees placed before the end of the training period
  • Partnership with Groundwork Anacostia River DC for ongoing park programming and maintenance, 4 new employees hired for this park
  • Preservation of existing trees avoided a loss of estimated benefits valued at $2,683 over 10 years, and $8,182 over 20 years
  • Bioretention facilities provide 34,248 gallons of stormwater storage potential on site
  • Pervious pavement provides additional 10,444 gallons of stormwater storage